Georg Jensen

Cascade timanttikorvakorut

1950,00  1170,00 

A natural embrace, like spring’s first thaw. CASCADE captures the joy of a glistening spring day in the Scandinavian countryside and immortalises those fleeting first moments of sunshine in exquisite diamonds and white gold. Understated and elegant, CASCADE’s shapes are based on the re-emergence of mountain streams in the midst of snow and ice. Diamonds are clustered together like droplets and are arranged in groups of three to represent the past, present and future. The brilliance of the diamonds evokes the way the sun’s rays cast a sparkling reflection over the Nordic landscape. Like the evolving landscape that inspired it, CASCADE is fluid and supple, designed to embrace the body as well as adorn it.
Väri: valkokulta
Tyyppi: Korvakorut, roikkuvat korvakorut
Miesten / Naisten: Naiset
Materiaali: 18k valkokulta
Toimittajan koodi: 3519815
Toimitusaika: 2-3 arkipäivää


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